Was it the Worst Year Ever?

by Henry on Jan 03, 2017

We've heard it a lot these past couple of weeks. 2016 will go down as the worst year in history. I myself have been trying to decipher whether this is accurate or just the results of an over dramatic cyber culture. 

The major events that drive the claim of the worst year ever are:

  1. Harambe
  2. Brexit
  3. Trump 
  4. Death of many stars

The death of famous people is quite a shallow quarrel. In the media age, it is a competition to attract the most attention with their superior fandom for the late stars. Big deal. 

The first two catastrophes are something I am more concerned about. Both Brexit and Trump were not deaths in the classical sense. They represented a complete sense of discontinuity between the common sense moral truths most of us believe and what we as a people have chosen. This is quite tragic. Leaving the European Union and electing a business man into office are both complete irrational. Yet they both happened. 

I'm not here to point fingers or even say those were bad choices. I'm here to say this must push all of us to be active in the world around us. We must actively fight for what we believe in, question the media and be guided by love.

Happy New Years Everyone,

let's make this year one to remember.

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