A Letter to Mr. President

by Kels Tomasic on Feb 21, 2017

Dear Donald Trump,
You don't know me and I mean nothing to you. Up until a year and a half ago, you meant nothing to me, too. Then you ran for president, and you mattered to me, because I devoted a lot of my time to fighting against you and your administration. I hoped every day that we wouldn't take countless steps back by putting you in office. I hoped every day that my rights and the rights of all of my sisters would not be stripped from us. But it happened. And I haven't stopped fighting.
Because of you, my black friends, my Muslim friends, my immigrant friends, they are scared. And like you, I will never understand what it is like to fear for my life because of the color of my skin, the way I talk, or which God I believe in. I will never understand what it was like for my friend to debate on whether or not she should continue to wear her hijab. I will never understand the pain a man I used to work with went through when he decided to leave the mosque because he was so afraid to even park in the parking lot. I will never understand the shakiness of my black friends' hands when they see a white police officer. I will never understand the illness my minority friends feel when they turn on the news and see our country go back 90 years. I will never understand, but I will continue to support them.
I do understand what it is like to be a woman in America today, and I understand the pain we all felt when rights to our own bodies were taken from us. I understand the pain of having to get an IUD put into my body because I can no longer afford birth control. I understand the pain in my stomach when I think about the countless women who are raped and impregnated, and the fact that their abortions will have to be unsafe and life threatening. I understand the churning in my stomach when I think about men like you, and the fact that you can get away with touching us, abusing us, and most of all, ruining us. I understand that no matter how hard I fight, no matter what lengths I go to, you will never hear me, and you will never care. But I will keep fighting.
This isn't a white man's nation, nor has it ever been. You can keep trying to divide us, you can keep trying to break us, but we are unbreakable. Until the day you're out of office, I will never stop fighting. My friends will never stop fighting. My sisters will never stop fighting.
Thank you for showing us what we're capable of. We will win this.

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