Donald J. Trump (R-Manchuria)

by Adrian Mikulak on Dec 20, 2016

The rhetoric was ravenous. It was primal. It was hypermasculine.

“We are going to take our country back.”

“We don’t win anymore.”

“He tells it like it is, this PC bullshit is ruining our country.”

“Obama is a globalist who appeases our enemies and wants to give our country away.”

And in rode the messiah, draped in gold, sporting a red power tie. The proto-American. Donald Trump would be the one to return America back to greatness. He was a real American. He wasn’t a part of the political establishment, he would not follow political norms. He addressed the problems that mattered to real Americans. Radical Islamic terror, Mexican criminals invading from our southern border, disrespect for our police, the loss of jobs for hardworking Americans to lesser nations. These problems that didn’t matter to the coastal elites but for those of us in flyover country, in real America, the problems that kept us awake at night. The problems that made real Americans feel scared, feel like they weren’t in control. Backed by The American Nazi Party, backed by the Ku Klux Klan's Official Newspaper, the Crusader, Donald Trump’s presidency ensured the return of the white phallus to a position of dominance. The biased media, the sissy elites, anyone who questioned the authority and dominance of the white voice, they were not in control anymore. America for the Americans.


It looks that way. But it’s not quite that way. In Obama’s weakness, rather than using military might to push Russia back into Russia and out of Crimea, he sanctioned Russia. Russia still holds Crimea but lost a $500 billion deal with ExxonMobil as a result of the sanctions.[1] The singularly oil-driven economy of Russia has been collapsing for a few years now and this is a direct result of a Democratic American president. Despite a public appearance of cooperation on issues like Syria, the United States and Russia still do not see eye to eye. The person the Democrats want to put in office will not back off of Obama’s policies. But maybe there’s someone outside of that political machine who would. Maybe there’s someone campaigning as the anti-Obama. He might help us and it would only take some careful nudging on our part.


I’ve been working on this article for about a week and this is where it gets real muddled. The best we have as an honest indictment are CIA conclusions, backed by the White House and the FBI that the DNC was hacked by Russia. It requires a particularly strange act of mental gymnastics to be a liberal and trust the CIA, with their history of involvement in the Contra scandal or their meddling in affairs in the Middle East, but the whole situation is one worthy of concern. There is no evidence that the RNC was hacked, which would be fair implication that they’re being blackmailed by Russia. There’s not even necessarily evidence that Putin and Trump are friends except for public expressions of admiration for each other, but if you want a counter-argument for that, a Russian company run by former KGB agents with close ties to Putin paid $500,000 to Bill Clinton for giving a speech in 2010. But Trump doesn’t make himself easy to defend when he calls for another nation to hack the e-mails of his political opposition, attacks the CIA and the US intelligence community about an issue of irrelevance, and gives a flimsy excuse for picking Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state that he is a “dealmaker.” And when Tillerson publicly opposes sanctions, has the Russian Order of Friendship specifically because he made deals with Rosneft, the Russian state-owned oil company and has just been revealed to have been the director of a US-Russian oil firm, it doesn’t add up that this is an issue of innocent coincidences. Either Trump is in some way working with the Russians to his own personal benefit or his preferences to businessmen and defense of self above the public good are being exploited by people with much more sinister motivations. And in either case, the great American defender is giving the country away at a $500 billion gain for them and a loss of our environment and our sovereignty.


Are we great again yet?

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